Is Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent Waterproof? (Here’s The Truth)

Getting soaked in your camping tent during a rainy day is not desired by anyone. Therefore, you would want to double-check the Ozark Trail 10-person instant tent’s ability to be waterproof before finally making the decision to purchase it.

is Ozark Trail 10 person tent waterproof

Ozark Trail’s 10-person instant family tent is not waterproof. Being a large tent it is more affected by rain. It can hold a light shower. However, a heavy downpour for a long period of time will make this tent leak. The extra waterproof coating should be applied in order to make this tent waterproof.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Family Tent Is Water-Resistant!

There is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. A water-resistant fabric will repel water. But that doesn’t guarantee that water will not penetrate inside the tent. 

On the other hand, a waterproof tent completely stops rain from getting inside. There should not be any leakage either from the fabric or the seams. You are completely protected from heavy rain throughout the night.

The Ozark Trail 10-person instant family tent is water-resistant. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make this tent waterproof by yourself. The procedure to make this tent waterproof is broken down later.

The roof of the Ozark Trail 10-person tent is fully meshed. That means you can completely remove the rain fly on a clear night for stargazing.

On a rainy day, however, the poly taffeta rain fly does a good job of preventing rainwater from getting inside.

The tent body itself is made of durable 68D coated polyester fabric for rain protection.

The floor of this tent is made up of polyethylene fabric. That helps stop water from getting in from the ground. Using a ground tarp will completely protect you from getting wet.

Tiny holes are created during the sewing process that cause the rain to leak. These tiny holes when not sealed properly will make the tent leak.

However, the seams are sealed and waterproof coating is applied in the factory during manufacturing. 

Can You Make Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent Waterproof?

It is highly recommended to spray extra waterproof coating by yourself at home to make this tent fully waterproof.

If you’re heading on a long camping trip with your family and little ones it is better to take further steps to make this tent waterproof in order to avoid any inconvenience. 

No one would like to get soaked during a camping trip especially if your kids are also there. It can completely ruin your camping trip. 

Not only does it make you wet but also your essential camping gear like a sleeping bag, camping shoes, mattress, pillow, and clothes.

how to make ozark trail 10 person family tent waterproof.

How To Make Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Tent Waterproof?

Sometimes you like a tent due to its size, shape, color, and other features. The fact that it is not waterproof should not bother you from purchasing this tent. In fact, most tents are not waterproof despite their claims.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Tent is an affordable tent with all the packed features required to make your camping experience comfortable and convenient.

There are two ways to make the tent waterproof. Both ways are easy and affordable. The first way is by applying waterproof spray on the tent. While the other is by using a tarp. Using both these ways will make sure that you are completely protected from heavy rain.

You can easily make this tent waterproof by a simple procedure at home. Below I have detailed a step-by-step way to make this tent waterproof.

Waterproof Your Tent By Seam Sealer

1) First of all, set up the tent without the rainfly on the patio or backyard. Being a large tent it takes a lot of space when set up.

2) Read the instructions on the seam sealer to know whether you have to apply the sealer inside or outside the tent fabric. Clean the seams with a brush before applying the sealer.

3) Next you need to apply the Atsko Silicone Water Guard on the seams. This is a popular spray choice for larger tents with a capacity of 6 or above. 

Make sure to seal all the seams around the door and door zippers as these are not covered by the rain fly. Also, seal the seams where the tent floor fabric meets the tent wall.

4) Allow the seam to dry for at least one hour and then give another coating.

5) After your second coating is dried, put the rain fly. Apply the seam sealer on the seams of the rain fly. Let it dry and apply a second coating.

6) Once you seal all the seams on the tent and rain fly, then as an extra step fully spray the tent fabric with Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield or Atsko Silicone Water-Guard.

7) After completing this procedure, test the tent under a sprinkler or hose before taking it to the field. Your tent should bead water after applying the waterproof spray.

Waterproof The Tent By Using a Tarp

Apart from applying the waterproof spray on your tent, there is another way to make a tent waterproof. It is by using a large tarp above your tent. 

You should be prepared beforehand to make the camping trip comfortable and relaxing.


The Ozark Trail’s 10-person tent is not waterproof. It does a good job of keeping you dry on a light shower but when exposed to heavy rain it actually does leak. It would be fair to say that this tent is water-resistant instead.

You can make this tent waterproof by applying the waterproof spray and using a tarp at a low cost.