Spread Creek Dispersed Camping-Area, Map,Location,And More!

spread creek dispersed camping

Spread Creek dispersed camping has become increasingly popular among camping communities across the World due to its stunning landscape. Thousands of campers visit here throughout the year in order to get themselves immersed in nature.

If you want to get lost in the vastness of nature, spread creek dispersed camping is the way to go. 

Whether you want to tent camp, car camp, or RV camp this camping spot gives you the ability to do free camping.

People who do full-time RV absolutely love this area. It is a great boondocking location as well.

In this article, I am going to provide a complete guide to Spread Creek dispersed camping if you’re planning to visit this destination.

This guide should help you in getting yourself familiar with the area, map, road conditions, and directions to get there. Also, you should be able to choose a campsite that is a perfect location for your needs.

What Is Meant By Dispersed Camping?

Dispersed camping means when you camp for free in undeveloped campgrounds on public land. You can do tent, car, and RV camping.

A forest is a public land. Keep in mind that even in the forest there might be areas that are still closed to dispersed camping. 

If you want to do dispersed camping it does take planning and research. Do research beforehand.

For dispersed camping, no reservation is required. Campsites can be occupied on a first come first serve basis. That means you have to drive to camp for free. No development other than a road exists. 

Facilities such as potable water, tables, restrooms, showers, fire pits, and trash removal are not provided.

One such dispersed camping location is the Spread Creek dispersed camping. Which is one of the most popular dispersed camping spots in the World. It has gotten the attention of numerous campers for quite a long time.

Where Is Spread Creek Dispersed Camping?

Spread Creek dispersed camping is located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the Eastern boundary of Grand-Teton National Park in Wyoming.

What County Is Spread Creek Wyoming?

Spread Creek is in Teton County Wyoming.

How Big Is Spread Creek In Wyoming?

Spread Creek is a series of small water streams running through the area. It is a long creek that originates from the Snake River in the West. 

Then spreads across thousands of miles in the Bridger-Teton National Forest before finally turning into the North Fork Spread Creek in the East.

Is Spread Creek Federal Land?

Spread Creek is public land. It is open to dispersed camping. However, there are still some areas in the forest that are closed for dispersed camping.

Make sure you’re looking at signs as you’re entering public land and check for fire restrictions before you go.

Spread Creek Campground

There are 14 designated campsites along with the gravel patch in the Spread Creek dispersed camping. 

You can either camp in the gravel pit or one of the designated campgrounds. These 14 campsites are dispersed down a four-mile-long gravel road.

Maximum of 5 days stay limit in the campsites. After 5 days you have to move to a different location.

The campsites are designated in order to reduce the amount of impact on the natural resources. You’re advised to set up your camp on hard surfaces and away from water sources.

spread creek dispersed camping area

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area In Bridger-Teton National Forest

Spread Creek dispersed camping area is located in Bridger-Teton National Forest immediately outside the entrance of Grand-Teton National Park Wyoming.

The designated campsites are spacious and have enough driving room. Also, the campsites are spaced very far apart.

They are close to the main road. So there is easy access. There is enough parking space at each campsite to park 3 to 4 big RVs at one time. A lot of RV parks charge $150 a night but here it’s completely free.

I have provided a drone video of Spread Creek’s dispersed camping area to help you discover the area and then choose the desired campsite. Here is the footage.

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping

The Spread Creek is a remote alpine landscape. There are beautiful water streams running through the area. The amount of water in the streams increases in spring.

Crossing the streams can be challenging sometimes. Using a log and a stick should help you cross easily.

You hear the creek running. Kids would love to splash water in the creek. A great spot for fishing as well.

There is much that the Spread Creek dispersed camping offers. The surroundings are quiet and peaceful. The stars on a moonless night look amazing.

You are going to be amazed by the beauty here. Finding cool new places in the forest is a feeling of discovery.

Spread Creek dispersed camping will completely immerse you in nature. The sound of the creek is so refreshing. Walking along the creek is such a calm and peaceful activity.

Apart from that, you can meditate or read a book. You can do countless activities here. If you are a food lover, cooking is a great activity to keep you engaged.

It rains quite often in the Spread Creek. Clouds are usually there. If you are visiting here in October, expect heavy snow. The weather is cold out there. The temperature further drops down in the morning.

Since you are camping in the forest, you will encounter a lot of wildlife. Some of them you would see quite often are deer, grizzlies, moose, antelope, and bears.

Always be bear aware. Bring bear spray. Be careful about food storage and leftovers at your campsite as this can attract bears towards them.

Follow all the regulations about cooking and storage. You are responsible for the trash removal.

There are a lot of mosquitoes here that can disturb your whole experience. Don’t forget to bring bug spray.

Spread Creek Dispersed Campsites

Trees and bushes surround the Spread Creek. Firewood is ample. There are tons of logs along the creek. You can build a campfire in the existing fire rings.

However, keep in mind that building a new campfire is not allowed.

The campsites are highly crowded in summer camp. You will be sharing the campsite with someone. Campsites are spacious for group camping.

Early arrival will allow you to get the desired spot. Otherwise, you are going to look for other campsites.

The views of Teton mountain are spectacular from Spread Creek dispersed camping, particularly at campsites 4,10, 13, and the front gravel patch. The sunset over the Teton Mountains is stunning.

The nearest water and dump station is 30 minutes away.

Staying connected with your family and outer world is important particularly when you are camping in a forest for a long period of time. Also, those of you who work online need a decent internet connection.

Since you are dispersed camping in the wilderness that means no facilities are provided. Therefore you must bring your own camping gear to the field including portable power, camping chair, water filter, clothing, and more.

I have come up with a list of essential camping gear that you need to bring in order to make your camping trip comfortable and worth it. I have also taken into account your needs as well.

  • Portable Power Station ( Checkout Now ) Use this coupon code on checkout: EB7050OFF

At campsites #(10-13) 2 to 3 bar Verizon and AT&T signal. Verizon speed at campsite 10 is fast. Also at campsite #4, there is a good Verizon and T-Mobile signal reception.

If you’re like me who turns off the phone once in the wilderness then you don’t need the internet. Who needs the internet when you are surrounded by nature? No distractions!

Portable Power Station

Spread Creek Road

Spread Creek Road is a dirt road. It is well-maintained for the first mile but as you go further down the road it gets rough.

The road is not paved. The road past the gravel patch is not wide enough for large RVs. You should drive slowly. The largest RV reported here is 40 feet (Class A). Expect huge traffic in summer camp.

Off-road vehicles and motorhomes are good to go. Little bumpy and dusty. The views are outstanding further down the road.

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Map

Look at maps, and satellite views for campsites that are established.

spread creek dispersed camping map

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Location

Bridger-Teton National Forest Moose, Wyoming

Teton County Wyoming USA

43°46’30.5″N 110°30’11.5″W

Elevation: 7020 ft / 2139m

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Directions

Now you’re all set and ready to visit the Spread Creek dispersed camping. Here are the directions to get there.

Depending on where you are currently located, follow this map I have provided to get to the Spread Creek dispersed camping location.

After going to the Google map click on the directions button and put your location. It will directly take you to your desired destination.

Google Map

For further assistance, you can contact the forest authorities at Bridger-Teton National Forest here:

Office Hours: 08:00 AM – 04:30 PM (M to F)

340 N. Cache / P. O. Box

1888 Jackson, WY 83001

(307) 739-5500

How Far Is Jackson Hole From Spread Creek Dispersed Camping?

Jackson Hole is around a 26-minute drive from the Spread Creek dispersed camping. Jackson is a cute little town in Jackson Hole Valley. 

The nearest town from the camping area from where you can get food and groceries. It is about 40 minutes away.

Spread Creek Dispersed Camping To Colter Bay

Colter Bay is 17.2 miles and a 30-minute drive from Spread Creek Dispersed Camping.