Is Camping World Stadium Covered?

You might be wondering that the camping world stadium would have some extraordinary design with a roof or dome. However, to your surprise, that’s not the case. Let’s find out whether the camping world stadium is covered or exposed?

Is camping world stadium covered?

Does Camping World Stadium Have a Roof?

The camping world stadium is not covered. Unlike today’s modern stadiums, the camping world stadium has a very simple design and construction with exposed bowels. All the sporting events are held open-air in the stadium’s football field.

Although the camping world stadium has undergone a number of renovation processes, still the stadium has a kind of old feel to it. The stadium is not too big, the seats are solid and decent.

Is Camping World Stadium a Dome?

The camping world stadium does not have a dome. That means you’re not protected on a rainy day. You’re recommended to bring a light poncho, but keep in mind that umbrellas are not permitted in the stadium. Also, you should not forget to bring hats and sunglasses for a sunny day.

The larger side of the stadium has three decks of seats each while the front side has one and its opposite side has two decks of seats respectively. The seats are completely exposed.

Surrounded by one of central Florida’s loveliest neighborhoods, the camping world stadium offers great views all around for the spectators. There are beautiful lakes surrounding the stadium.

Being exposed the stadium offers lovely attractions for the crowds. If you’re seated in the upper plaza level you can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings while also being able to entertain yourself from the event.

Is Camping World Stadium Indoor or Outdoor?

The camping world stadium hosts a number of events. All the sporting events including the NFL pro bowl, soccer, WrestleMania, monster jam, and rock concerts are held outdoors on the stadium’s football field.

Since the events are organized open-air, large crowds can entertain at the same time.

Closing Thoughts!

The camping world stadium is not enclosed. The seats are exposed. You should bring a light poncho in the event that it starts to rain. Apart from that, bring hats and sunglasses for sun protection.

Don’t think of the camping world stadium as a huge stadium with a dome. To be fair it is a decent stadium.

There is one advantage of the stadium being not covered. The stadium is surrounded by beautiful lakes and attractions. So if you’re seated in the upper seats of the stadium, you have great views all around.