Hey, I’m Raja Ghani. Growing up in the mountains I have developed a deep connection with nature. When I was a kid, I used to wander these mountains with cattle besides my elder brother.

While returning home we used to bring firewood. Winters in the mountains are extremely cold. Sometimes, we spent weeks up in the mountains with our cattle.

We used to live in a homemade tent made up of a blanket to stay up there. This has been the most fascinating journey in my life.

When I grew up, I moved to the city to find employment opportunities. After moving to the city, I felt lost and unfulfilled. Although I was making a decent income, I wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted to take back control of my life by creating freedom of time and location and spending time with my family. Soon I realized that I needed to go back to the mountains. 

Since the mountains were calling I came back. After returning, I started my own online business from home and have been able to achieve all my goals. Also, by spending time in nature I have been able to heal my body and mind.

Currently, I live in the high mountains of the Karakoram with my family running my own internet business. I love meditation, camping, backpacking, and spending time in nature. 

In this journey, I’ll be sharing with you some hacks for camping and outdoor lifestyle. Moreover, I’ll inspire you to make your camping and the outdoor experience more fun and amazing. Get ready to experience the most adventurous journey of your life.