Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good For The Beach?

Zero gravity chairs are becoming so popular that most people now consider taking them to the beach. Let’s find out what makes zero-gravity chairs good for the beach.

Are zero gravity chairs good for the beach?

What Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good For?

For an open environment like the beach, zero-gravity chairs are a compelling option due to their durability and comfort level. Zero gravity folding chairs are a perfect fit for adults with bad backs who find it hard to get out of the beach chair.

In this article, I am going to share my thoughts on taking the zero-gravity chairs to the beach. Based on the environment of the beach and your comfort I will conclude whether zero gravity chairs are suitable for the beach.

Zero gravity chairs were basically designed for NASA astronauts to reduce pressure on the spine during a space launch.

By looking at the potential of zero gravity chairs, massage chair manufacturers replicated this technology.

Zero-gravity chairs don’t actually resist gravity. When you go into full recline mode in a zero gravity chair your head is at about the same level as your feet which is kind of the point of a zero gravity chair. 

You feel something similar to the feeling of weightlessness that astronauts get in space.

Zero gravity chairs come in a wide variety. The most popular brands are Timber Ridge, Best Choice, Amazon Basics, and Coastrail Outdoor.

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Comfortable?

People go to the beach to relax and calm their minds. So they want their beach chair to provide the ultimate comfort at the beach. 

Zero gravity chairs allow you to recline in several reclining positions. So you will be floating in your own world of comfort. Zero gravity chairs distribute your body weight evenly across all pressure points.

When fully extended zero gravity chairs are 72 inches long. If you’re a long person just like myself, say 6’4’’ you will easily recline in a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs can support up to 350 pounds on average.

In order to recline you just need to lean back using your body weight. It is that simple.

They have a locking mechanism in place which allows you to recline in any position you desire. Kick your feet up for ultimate relaxation.

Once you sit in a zero-gravity beach chair you would never want to leave. The Zero gravity chair is so comfortable that you will almost fall asleep sitting in it. You can sit in a zero-gravity chair for a long period of time without getting uncomfortable.

The chair has a bungee cord system which gives a little bit of bounce. The way that the canvas fabric is attached to the frame makes this chair strong and sturdy.

The adjustable pillow can be moved all the way down to use as lumbar support. There is also a side table with a cup holder and a slot for your cell phone. Gather around the campfire with your evening cocktail placed on the side table.

Some zero-gravity chairs even come with canopies which can save you from the sun and provide shade throughout the day.

Do Zero Gravity Chairs Lay Flat?

You can sit upright or fully recline at a 170-degree angle maximum. However, zero-gravity chairs don’t completely lay flat. Therefore you can’t lay flat on your stomach in a zero gravity chair.

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Hard To Get Out Of?

Most beach chairs sit very low to the ground. So the adults face a hard time getting out of their beach chairs.

Zero gravity chairs on the other hand sit high to the ground and are wide. You don’t need to worry about getting out of the zero gravity chair, unlike other beach chairs.

The Zero gravity chair sits smoothly on a surface like a beach. But on an uneven surface, the chair is so high that it can feel scary.

What Do Zero Gravity Chairs weigh?

When transporting beach chairs, weight is a big concern. Zero gravity chairs don’t fall in the category of lightweight portable beach chairs. They weigh between 12 pounds and 21 pounds.

So it is a bit difficult to transport them to the beach. But for the level of comfort they provide, carrying a high weight is totally worth it. 

Can Zero Gravity Chairs Get Wet?

The canvas fabric in a zero gravity chair is a little bit water-resistant. The entire canvas area has padding that will soak up water. It will take some time to dry.

Can I Leave a Zero Gravity Chair Outside?

The environment at the beach is completely open with moisture and constant sun exposure almost all the time.

Therefore the beach chair needs to be tough and durable to withstand these harsh weather conditions.

The fabric of the zero gravity chair is water and UV-resistant. The frame is often made of Aluminum to cut down on weight. Aluminum is a rust-resistant material.

Final Thoughts

Zero gravity chairs are perfect for the beach. Not only do they provide ultimate relaxation but their strong and sturdy construction makes them extremely resilient to the harsh weather at the beach.

Apart from that, they sit high to the ground unlike other beach chairs making it easier for people especially oversized adults to get out of the chair quickly. If you’re a taller heavier person, zero gravity chairs are the way to go.

The adjustable pillow and side table make this chair even more luxurious. So next time you go to the beach enjoy the comforts of the zero gravity chair.

Price-wise zero gravity chairs are one of the most expensive options. Wondering Why Are Beach Chairs So Expensive? Check out this article as well.

If you’re looking for a zero-gravity chair, look no further than the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Timber Ridge also has a collapsing wagon that can help you carry the beach chair easily on the beach. So you don’t need to worry about the weight of your beach chair.