Why Are Beach Chairs So Expensive? (Affordable Beach Chairs)

With the growing interest of people to spend time on the beach the demand for beach chairs is increasing. You are also considering investing in your own beach chair. However, you are concerned why are beach chairs so expensive?

Why are beach chairs so expensive?

Why Are Beach Chairs So Expensive?

Depending on the beach chair construction and your comfort requirements beach chairs can get fairly expensive. Furthermore, the growing demand for beach chairs in recent years has also increased their prices. That being said, not all beach chairs are expensive.

Beach chairs come in a wide variety of types, designs, shapes, and sizes from different brands. You don’t need to purchase expensive beach chairs. There are always affordable options to choose from.

Let’s discover what makes beach chairs so expensive. If you’re stuck at which beach chair you should purchase, I’ll come up with 6 affordable beach chair options to help you choose the one that is most reasonable and at the same time being comfortable enough to meet your comfort level.

How Much Does a Beach Chair Cost?

The price of beach chairs starts at $20 at the minimum and can go all the way over $300. You can get a decent beach chair in the range of $30-$50.

What Makes Beach Chairs Expensive?

There are a number of factors that determine the price of beach chairs. The primary factor is their construction. Apart from that the brand, extra features, and high demand are making the beach chairs more expensive.


Beach chairs must be strong and sturdy in construction in order to withstand harsh weather conditions at the beach. 

The environment at the beach is open, with constant sun and sand exposure. Strong winds are blowing at the beach. Moisture is present all the time.

Therefore the frames of beach chairs are made from durable material, often Aluminum to withstand the harsh weather at the beach. 

Aluminum is an expensive material and is difficult to work with during the manufacturing process hence requires more man-hours.

Aluminum is a lightweight material that makes beach chairs easier to transport on the beach. In addition to that, it is rust-resistant.

Most reputable brands use aircraft-grade Aluminum tubes, and non-fading, waterproof material which lasts for many years. 

Seat fabrication comes in canvas, cotton, nylon, or polyester. Denier strength between 420D-600D is more durable. 

Cotton and canvas are softer for comfort while polyester and nylon deniers offer more weather resistance.

Furthermore, the fabric used in the beach chairs is marine graded to resist erosion by saltwater and wear by the sand.

High Demand

Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than leaning back in your beach chair enjoying the waves of the ocean crashing the shore. 

Visiting the beach allows you to spend some refreshing and unwinding moments away from your busy routine. That’s why most people love to go to the beach.

The demand for beach chairs is so high that they run out of stock sometimes. High demand comes with high prices.

Camping is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Which makes not only beach chairs but most of the camping gear expensive. 

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Tommy Bahama is one of the most popular brands for beach chairs. It is the most expensive brand as well. The reason is the high demand for their products.

Some of the most reliable brands offering quality and comfortable stylish beach chair designs are Rio Beach, Helinox, Nautica, and Ostrich beach chairs. 

Consider purchasing beach chairs made of durable and tough material from a reputable brand. That will last a long time. 

Settling for a cheaper alternative will make you purchase the same item year after year. That will be more costly than purchasing one made of versatile material at a comparably higher price.

Extra Features

Extra features further add to the cost of beach chairs. These features provide more comfort and convenience. 

The most comfortable beach chairs are equipped with:

  • Cup holders for your beverages 
  • Armrest 
  • Footrest, 
  • Lumbar support 
  • Headrest pillows
  • Side storage to keep your stuff
  • Side tray for your beverages, snacks and food
  • Beach chairs with canopy for shading

Are All Types Of Beach Chairs Expensive?

As previously mentioned, beach chairs come in a wide variety of types. Not all types of beach chairs are expensive. 

To find out which types of beach chairs are most expensive you need to be aware of the common types of beach chairs. Following are the types of beach chairs.

  • Beach lounge chaise chair: Provides multiple reclining variations including completely lying flat on your back or stomach. Lets you stretch out your legs.
  • Zero gravity beach chair: High back allows you to lean back. Comes with lumbar support and also lets you stretch your legs.
  • Wooden beach chair: Offers an upscale look however, they are heavier and less water resistant.
  • Beach camp chair: Lightweight chair easy to carry and store. Suitable to sit near a campfire. Weight capacity generally ranges between 225-400lbs for adults and 75-100lbs for children.
  • Folding beach chair: Sand chair which allows you to sit low to the ground.
  • Highboy beach chair: As the name suggests it has a higher back. Sits 16-18 inches above the ground.
  • Backpacking chair: A portable beach chair which comes with a carrying case having straps making it easier for you to carry on your shoulder anywhere you go.

Among all these types, the beach camp chair and sand chair are the least expensive. Whereas beach lounge chairs and zero gravity beach chairs are the most expensive options on this list.

The fact that zero gravity chairs have complex construction and offer more comfort makes them more expensive. Also, zero gravity chairs provide lumbar support for adults and people with bad backs.

Wooden chairs are also reasonable, however, they are heavier which makes them difficult to carry on the beach.

Beach chairs are designed for different settings and comfort requirements. Based on your preferences choose the type of beach chair that best suits you.

Beach chairs can get expensive based on their construction, brand, features, and comfort preferences.

5 Affordable Beach Chairs!

When purchasing beach gear the most concerning thing is our budget.

There are always affordable options available. It is not always the case that an expensive product will last a long time. Sometimes a less expensive product can do good for you.

I have come up with some affordable beach chairs that are equipped with all the features required to make your beach experience worth it.

Therefore you should not be concerned too much about why beach chairs are so expensive. Choose a beach chair that is affordable and most reliable for you.

If you’re looking for affordable beach chairs, here are the 6 great options to choose from:

  • Coleman Camping Chair
  • Rio Brands 1-Position Beach Folding Sand Chair
  • Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade
  • Folding Camping Chair
  • Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Chair

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