Sleeping Bag Too Long: What To Do About It?

Often times when looking for a sleeping bag online or in-store, you land on one that fulfills all your requirements except the sleeping bag is too long. You are concerned about whether you should go for this long size or not.

sleeping bag too long

If you’re willing to lift a bit extra weight and bulk during camping trips you should totally go for a sleeping bag that is too long. You can either cinch the extra space with a piece of string or store your camping gear there.

In this article, I am going to come up with a solution if you already have a too-long sleeping bag or want to purchase one.

What If My Sleeping Bag Is Too Long?

First of all, you don’t need to worry about it. There are a number of ways to fix that.

In order to reduce the size of a sleeping bag the most easiest and effective way is to tie off the extra space with a piece of string. This will ensure that there is no dead air space left inside.

On a warm summer night, this extra space is not a problem however on a chilly night it requires more body energy to heat up the extra air leaving you cold.

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The extra space can come in handy for storing bulky winter gear like camping boots, down jackets, wool socks, and blankets.

When you wake up in the morning, your camping gear is warm and protected in the foot box.

Side sleepers would love the freedom to move inside a sleeping bag that is too long. You can turn around in this spacious bag. It provides comfort during the night.

On the other hand, a compact bag will not allow you to move a lot and hence it doesn’t provide any comfort.

You saw that a sleeping bag that we were concerned about its long size has turned out to be effective and beneficial.

Therefore when you see one that is affordable, durable, and equipped with all the features but the only problem is its long size, you should go for it regardless of the size.

How Much Longer Should Sleeping Bag Be?

When choosing the size, I recommend you go for something that is a perfect size for you.

Sizes Guide

Sleeping bags mainly come in three sizes: small, regular, and long. If you are 6 feet go for a regular bag. The long bag can fit up to 6’6’’. Whereas the small size fits up to 5’5’’.

If your bag is too long there are a number of ways to fix that. However, if it is short there is nothing more you can do about it other than just donate it.

Therefore it is a good practice for going after slightly longer than to go for the shorter one.

How Big Is Too Big Sleeping Bag?

When we talk about too long, we are talking about as long as one extra foot.

What Size For 6’1’’?

You should go for the longer one if you’re 6’1’’. It is always a good idea to go for a slightly larger than a shorter option.

Closing Thoughts!

At this point, it becomes clear that going for a sleeping bag that is too long can be of great advantage.

Not only does it allow you to store your bulky camping gear in the extra space but also provides enough space to move around inside the bag.

Therefore when you see a good deal, its long size should not stop you from purchasing it.

Going for a sleeping bag too long is always better than going for one that is too short.