Where To Donate Sleeping Bags Near Me? (Helpful Guide)

Sleeping bags are on top of the list of most needed items in homeless shelters and charity shops. A sleeping bag would make a world of difference for someone who is sleeping on the streets. During colder nights in winter, the demand for sleeping bags is increasing. Here is a complete guide if your wonder where to donate sleeping bags near me?

Where to donate sleeping bags near me?

Can You Donate Sleeping Bags?

You can donate your sleeping bags to homeless shelters and charity shops. Some charity shops will pick up sleeping bag donations directly at your home. While others don’t offer home pick-ups. They have specific drop-off locations where you can drop your sleeping bags.

In this article, I will help you donate your sleeping bags to homeless people. I will also figure out the names of charity shops that accept sleeping bag donations. So that you can easily donate your sleeping bags and help someone in need.

What To Do With Old Sleeping Bags?

The best thing you can do with old sleeping bags is to donate them. Donate your sleeping bag to someone in need.

By donating your old sleeping bags you can save some space in your closet and organize your camping gear easily.

Most of the camping gear is synthetic so it is hard to decompose. If you’re no longer using an old sleeping bag make sure it is not ending up in the landfill.

Homeless people and charity shops should be your top priority when donating your sleeping bags. They deserve your donations.

According to the Whitehouse, the estimated number of homeless in the United States is about half a million.

The number of homeless people in other parts of the world is enormous.

You can also donate your old sleeping bags to local boy scout troops, girl guides, youth groups, and volunteers who are working to uplift your community.

Poor families with low income would also highly appreciate your sleeping bag donations. Also, consider donating to your friends who love camping.

Where To Donate Sleeping Bags For The Homeless Near Me?

Once you are ready to donate your sleeping bags the next thing you have to figure out is where to donate them. 

There are many homeless people in your city. The easiest way to donate is to put your old sleeping bag in your car trunk. If you notice any homeless person on the street, hand over your donation directly to that person. In this way, you will be able to see the impact of your donation.

Ask your neighbors if they need any camping gear. Being your neighbors they also deserve your donations.

Does Goodwill Accept Sleeping Bags?

Goodwill accepts gently used sleeping bags. The sleeping bags should fully function and are resaleable. The reason is that Goodwill resells your donated sleeping bags as used gear in their online and physical stores.

So If you’re willing to donate your sleeping bags to Goodwill keep in mind that Goodwill does not provide donations to the homeless. 

Rather, the revenue generated by selling those items is used to provide employment training to job seekers and prepare them for interviews. Goodwill career centers will help students in your community learn new skills, create resumes, and earn credentials.

If you want to donate a sleeping bag to your nearest Goodwill just visit their website at goodwill.org. Scroll down and you’ll see a search bar. In that search bar type your city name or zip code. Then it will come up with all the nearest Goodwill donation centers.

Once you identify the nearest Goodwill donation center you have to take your sleeping bag and drop it at the respective center. They don’t have a home pick-up service.

While donating to any charity make sure that the donation centers are staffed by attendants. Also, there should be the name of the organization, a clear mission statement, contact details, and details of funds contributed on the donation bins.

In this way, you can ensure that your donations are helping needy people rather than supporting for-profit organizations.

Will Charity Shops Take Sleeping Bags?

Charity shops will gladly accept new and gently used sleeping bag donations. In fact, sleeping bags are their most needed donations. The way it works is that your sleeping bags will go in their stores and poor families will be able to purchase them free of charge. That’s a great way to help people in need.

Which Charity Shops Accept Sleeping Bag Donations?

I did a little bit of research to find which charity shops accept sleeping bag donations. After finding their contributions and reading mission statements I have come up with the two most trustworthy organizations. 

The two organizations are Crisis Assistance and Salvation Army. They have contributed tremendously to uplift homeless people. 

In order to donate to Crisis Assistance go to crisisassistance.org. On their website, there is a dedicated section for donations ‘’Ways to Give’’. Move your cursor on it and then click ‘’Donate Clothing and Household Goods’’. Then it will come up with all the details of how to donate.

This organization is based in New York City where most of the homeless people live.

Since they offer a home-pickup service the donation process is easy for you. The way to donate is to place your sleeping bag in the trunk outside the door.

One of the volunteers will come and unload the trunk. Their timings are Tuesday-Friday 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM

The Salvation Army also accepts sleeping bag donations. In order to donate go to salvationarmyusa.org. Move over to the ”Ways to Give” section and then click Donate Goods. Enter your zip code and schedule a free pickup.

Closing Thoughts

Sleeping bags are the top most needed donations in the homeless shelters and charity shops. Once you’re willing to donate a sleeping bag the donation process is simple.

One way to donate your sleeping bags to the homeless near you is to identify the homeless people in your city and hand over the donations directly to them.

Some charity organizations will collect your donations at your home during specific days. You need to schedule a free pick-up with them. Others ask you to drop donations at their specific donation centers.

You will be able to locate the nearest donation center once you visit their websites.

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