San Onofre Camping- All You Need To Know!

San Onofre camping has become increasingly popular in the world, particularly in the United States. Every year millions of RV owners and car campers visit San Onofre State Beach to set up their camp.

san onofre camping

In this article, I am going to walk you through San Onofre State Beach California, and provide a complete guide if you are planning to visit this tourist destination any time soon.

San Onofre Beach is located in Southern California on the border of Orange and San Diego counties.

If you take the 5 freeway from San Diego you need to exit 71 just North of Camp Pendleton on Basilone Road to reach San Onofre Beach.

San Onofre offers 3 miles of stunning beach which is a great attraction for camping, hiking, biking, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, and walking dogs.

San Onofre Bluffs Campground

Bluffs Campground has several campsites with all the amenities including, picnic tables, fire pits, hot indoor showers, dump station, RV hookups, electricity, water, and flushing toilets.

RVs are allowed up to 37 feet long. The stay is $40 per night plus the booking fees which are about $8 per day. Day parking is $15 per vehicle.

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Whether you are RV or car camping San Onofre Beach must be your top travel destination.

It offers stunning sunsets, a serene atmosphere, a sea breeze, a spectacular beach, and much more.

You can also set up your tent along with the RV either in the parking area or directly on the trail.

There are about 6 trails in the San Onofre that start from the parking lots leading down the beach. 

Bluffs Campground was formerly a California highway. Later it was converted into campsites. There is a highway near the campground. Also, the freight train is passing through the area.

That makes the Bluffs campground extremely noisy, particularly in the morning. The traffic on the freeway is intense and at night you get the flashlights in your car which is annoying.

It is not quiet and peaceful the same way as the beach due to the traffic. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this campground.

Apart from that, there are a lot of bees and flies probably because of the vegetation in the area.

Other than that it is completely fine because you get the views and a great spot to park your RVs.

San Onofre Beach Camping

After setting up the camp the next thing you want to do is start your hike down the trail towards the beach. Bluffs Beach is on the California coast between Camp Pendleton and San Clemente.

It is so refreshing and calming to observe the waves crashing on the shore.

Walking along the shoreline is a great activity. The beach is dog-friendly, you will see people walking their dogs along the beach.

The shoreline is rocky and filled with beautiful stones. Make sure you have decent camping shoes/walking shoes to make your walk smooth and comfortable.

San Onofre Beach is considered a surfer paradise in Southern California. It is known for its consistent waves.

Surfers are absolutely loving here. You see surfers along with their surfing gear all the time. Families visit here to sunbathe and kids would love to play on the beach.

Camp Pendleton Marine Base is located on the South end of the beach so it is common to see training exercises in the air South of the beach. 

San Onofre Camping San Mateo

San Mateo campground offers RV camping and is equipped with all the amenities. It allows camping year-round.

Firepits are available at each campsite. Campfire cooking is one of the great things to do here.

Nightlife is fun and exciting. Families sitting on their Club camp chairs get together around the campfire, play music, share stories, and forget all their worries. It is such a memorable experience.

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You will be sharing the campsite with other campers. It gets crowded in the summer. 

The pass that they give you to camp at San Mateo grants you access to the bluffs area without having to pay extra.

The campground is covered with bushes and trees. You have to hike a long way to get to the beach.  The area is rugged. The view of the beach from the campground is spectacular.

San Onofre Camping Map

Here is the map of the San Onofre camping ( View On Google ). For directions click on the directions button and put your location to get to your destination.

San Onofre Camping Reservations

San Onofre Camping reservations through Make sure to book the Bluffs campground.

When selecting a site it’s best to be near one of the hiking trails that goes to the beach. San Onofre camping allows you to explore majestic places.