How Does a Sand-Free Beach Blanket Work? (Explained!)

You have seen a sand-free beach blanket pass sand through it like magic but let’s figure out how does a sand-free beach blanket work?

How does a sand-free beach blanket work?

The Sand-free beach blanket has a two-layer high-density dual-weave mesh system that allows the sand to pass through the fabric without coming back up. Its military-grade construction makes this beach blanket sandproof.

The sand literally passes right through the beach blanket like magic by moving your hand or foot across it.

What Makes a Blanket Sand Proof?

It is the construction of the beach blankets that make them sandproof. The sand-free mat was originally designed for the US military for helicopters to land on.

As you have seen, when a helicopter is about to land, the sand, dirt, and dust on the ground blow around the area making a complete mess. 

Sand-proof mats help prevent this dust from blowing away. The US Marines and the Australian Army are using it.

This technology is very effective for the beach where there is sand all over the place.

How Does a Sandless Beach Blanket Work?

Sandless beach blankets work because of how they’re built. They’re designed with sand-free technology. 

The double-layer mesh system is highly porous and filters out the sand and dust. That being said, the sand doesn’t fall through the fabric on its own.

You have to move your hand or foot across the sand to make it pass through the fabric. Dry sand falls through with little to no effort on your part.

However, wet sand doesn’t fall through the fabric easily. You need to work a little bit more to get moist sand to pass through it.

You can also lift the sand-proof beach blanket by grabbing both sides and then shaking it to get the sand to pass through it.

The fabric itself dries very quickly. That makes the wet sand dry quickly in no time. 

Large particles like shells, leaves, and debris do not cross the fabric. You need to brush off these particles separately.

How Do Sand Proof Blankets Work?

Once the sand passes through the blanket it doesn’t come back up. Also, the sand doesn’t trap inside the layers after use.

This is because of their construction. The second layer stops the sand from coming up.

What Is The Beach Blanket That Sand Goes Through?

Our kids and dogs at the beach play with sand all the time and bring a lot of sand on the blankets.

Playing with sand and building sandcastles is a fun activity. However, bringing sand on the beach blanket or inside your beach tent is not so desirable.

Apart from that, we also want to protect our beach accessories and food from the sand. Sand getting into your beach gear is not good.

The solution to this is the beach blanket that sand goes through. There are two great options here. CGear beach blanket and ABETER sand-free beach blanket.

CGear Beach Blanket

The CGear beach blanket has entirely transformed our beach experience. Their top-notch technology is using military-grade construction to filter out the sand and dust in no time. 

It is made in the USA. The patented technology uses precisely engineered polyester material as the fabric type.

RV campers are absolutely loving it. By using this sand-free mat you do not end up bringing a lot of sand into your RV.

If you’re planning to spend a vacation on the beach, CGear should always be on your gear list.

Sand Free Blanket

Another great option is the ABeter sand-free beach mat. It works the same way as the CGear. It is made of advanced polyester fiber.

Dual-layer mesh technology is highly effective in filtering out sand and dust.