Does Camping World Refill Propane Tanks?

Whether you’re RVing or using a backyard BBQ grill you need to refill the propane tank quite often. There are a number of ways to get your propane tank refilled. However, you are wondering, does the Camping World refill propane?

Does camping world refill propane tanks?

Does Camping World Refill Propane?

The Camping World refills propane tanks at most of their locations. If you’re looking to get your propane tank refilled, Camping World is one of the options. Depending on where you’re currently located, look for options that are most convenient and affordable for you.

Liquid petroleum(LP) gas which is also known as Propane is an essential component of your RV. Refrigeration, stove, furnace, heating, and cooling require Propane. So your RV can’t function properly without Propane.

Camping World Propane Refill Cost

The regular price of Propane at the Camping World is $4.09 per gallon. For Good Sam members the price of Propane is $3.49 per gallon after discount. So you can get 15% off if you’re having a Good Sam membership. 

However, the limit is 40 gallons with a Good Sam member card. Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the price of Propane is $1.99 per gallon for Good Sam members. 

With Sam’s Club Card you get propane for $3.30 at the Camping World.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill a Propane Tank?

A 30lb Propane tank holds about 7.5 gallons of Propane. The tank gets 80% fill due to safety measures. Now you can run the equation. 

In total it costs about $20 if you get your 30lb tank refilled at Tractor Supply Co. Depending on where you refill the tanks the prices may slightly vary.

Propane Price Comparison Between Camping World And Other Retailers

The regular price of Propane at the Tractor Supply Company is $2.69 per gallon. No membership is required.

Even with their paid membership, Camping World is more expensive than the Tractor Supply Co. For example, if you refill your 30 lb RV tank at the Tractor Supply you can save about $5.60.

The Tractor Supply considers their customers part of the same community. On their website, they indicate the mission statement. Which shows that they’re not hiding anything from their customers.

The tractor supply company is a big player in the industry. If Tractor Supply Co is selling Propane at $2.69 per gallon they’re still making profits. The Camping World can also make a profit by lowering their prices. They should make their customers happy.

Apart from that Costco also sells propane. The price of propane at Phoenix is $2.30 per gallon. So Phoenix is also a good option for a propane tank refill.

If you’re RV camping in the local campgrounds, there are propane dealers who come to your travel trailer and fill them. They charge around $3.50 per gallon.

On the other hand, if you’re camping in the natural parks then you can remove the propane tank, get it refilled at a nearby propane retailer and reinstall it. In that case, keep in mind that a fully filled 30lb Propane tank will weigh around 55 pounds.

Look for what is more reasonable for you and then get your Propane tank refilled.

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