Are Hammocks Worth It? (All You Need To Know!)

are hammocks worth it?

Hammocks are one of the greatest and most useful equipment in the camping industry. They make camping relaxed and full of energy. Let’s dive deep to know why hammocks are worth it.

Camping was once referred to as returning home exhausted. However, after the introduction of hammocks, people came home refreshed and energized. Let’s find out why hammocks are your ultimate choice if you need comfort.

Hammocks are so relaxing. Hanging in the air is a calming and refreshing experience. People who have bad backs find it hard to sleep on the ground. So they can comfortably sleep in the hammock. There is a wide variety of hammocks. Overall, they are comfortable and completely worth it.

Hammocks allow you to spend time outdoors. They connect with the surroundings and completely immerse you in nature.

Why Are Hammocks So Relaxing?

Hammocks are so relaxing because they are hanging in the air. The setup is different. You drift off to sleep in no time. At night, observing the sky full of stars is stunning. Feel the sound of the breeze. A hammock brings you closer to nature.

The fabric of the hammock is soft and light. So people find it easy to sleep in them.

Hammocks look cool and are a great way to unwind. They are a sign of an adventure. People love hammocks.

You can read a book in the hammock. Also, you can meditate. The hammock acts as a free chair. So you can kick back and explore what nature has offered for you. It is so soothing.

If you love hanging in the air in your backyard, lawn, patio, or in the great outdoors, hammocks allow you to do that. Hammocks look cool. They represent a great outdoor adventure.

When you wake up in your hammock, the view of sunrise is breathtaking. You inhale fresh air outdoors. 

Also, you wake up energized. A sound sleep is important for you to continue camping and have more fun. That’s what a hammock lets you do. People have reported that they slept more time in the hammock compared to the ground.

Sleeping In a Hammock

Hammocks are just one part of the sleep system. You need an under quilt, a sleeping bag, mosquito netting, and a tarp as well. 

On a warm summer night, you can manage to sleep with a hammock alone. However, on a cold night, you need the whole sleep system.

As the fabric of the hammock is thin, even a light gust of breeze will suck a lot of heat from your back. Therefore, you need an under quilt.

It will keep you warm. There is an air gap between the hammock and underquilt. Your body heat keeps this air warm and it acts as an insulator. That way no heat loss occurs.

The tarp is the most important part of your shelter. It protects you from the rain. Not only that, but it can keep you warm by trapping your body heat when set up close to the hammock.

Some of the hammocks from reputable brands come with built-in mosquito netting. If your hammock does not have a mosquito net I highly encourage you to purchase one. 

Without a mosquito net, you’re going to find it difficult to sleep in the woods. Hammock camping is mostly done in the woods. So the mosquitos in the woods will not let you sleep soundly. Therefore a mosquito net is necessary.

By using the tarp and the mosquito netting you are protected. Otherwise, you would feel vulnerable being completely open in the woods.

Hammocks are a great way to unwind and they drive you to sleep within no time. Also, you wake up refreshed in the morning.

Young people can manage to sleep anywhere but the elderly find it difficult to sleep on the floor due to bad backs. They sleep comfortably in the hammock.

Hiking With a Hammock

If you’re going for a day hike a hammock is your best companion. When you get tired after a hike, set up your hammock and take a nap. Your body restores that way and you can continue with the hike.

For a day hike, you don’t need to purchase an expensive hammock. A budget-friendly $20 hammock will just do the work for you. 

Whereas for camping and backpacking, you need to purchase a hammock that is particularly designed for that purpose.

Are Hammocks Comfortable?

As mentioned, hammocks come in a wide variety of different brands. They start from $10 and go all the way over $300. You can purchase a decent hammock for around $50. It will provide the comfort that you demand.

Hammocks come with a built-in pouch. When you set up the hammock, you can store your accessories such as a cell phone, keys, or charger in that pouch.

People have different comfort levels. You should check out different fabrics, sizes, and suspensions to fit the one that keeps you the most comfortable.

The single hammocks would feel tight for you. So I suggest you get a double hammock. It will have enough material and space to keep you comfortable.

Most of the hammocks come with straps. If the straps are long you will find it easy to set up the hammock. The straps are also friendly to trees compared to the strings. 

Closing Thoughts: Are Hammocks Worth It?

Hammocks provide you with the ultimate comfort. They are so relaxing. Hammocks allow you to fully explore the surroundings. You are so close to nature.

There is no better way than hanging in the air, observing the night sky full of stars, and then drifting to sleep.

Hammocks are compact and lightweight. That makes them easy to carry when backpacking. Apart from that, the setup is easy. 

Price-wise they are also affordable. You can get a decent hammock for around $40.

The way hammocks allow you to sleep comfortably while exploring the surroundings makes them absolutely worth it. 

Since hammocks are providing such amazing experiences, more and more people are opting for hammock camping.

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